Since time inception, we have always believed in maintaining a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment and creating an ecological balance. Doing our bit, we wholeheartedly contributed towards the following activities in terms of protecting nature –

  • Industrial Waste Treatment – Set up the first Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Uttar Pradesh’s state in the year 1993. This helped us protect environmental sustainability, ecological equilibrium, safeguarding of the natural resources, and preserve the quality of soil, air, and water, which also takes into account the rejuvenation of The Ganges.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprints – we are making continuous efforts towards reducing carbon footprints in manufacturing, and hence all our tanneries are LWG Certified, leading to the production under a controlled environment.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing – We are making every effort in implementing the circular approach in our manufacturing – from sourcing of the raw material to the final packaging of the product. We directly or indirectly contribute to the global economies that are taking thoughtful, sustainable development measures. Our responsibility does not just stop sourcing the raw materials; it extends to the manufacturing process.The leather used in all our products are LWG certified / chrome-free
    • 100% use of Organic Cotton Lining in our products.
    • NO use of Single-Use Plastic
    • 100% Recyclable Packaging
    • Recycled and Natural Material Soles