Men's Footwear

We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of men’s footwear from India and our clients are located in countries such as France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, etc. We have a capacity to produce 6000 pairs per day of cemented shoes in our three men’s footwear units located at Agra and Unnao (near Kanpur). In addition, we also have 32 stations direct moulding PU machine from Italy with a capacity to produce 1,000 pairs per day shoes and sandals. We have a team of highly qualified designers in our R& D centers in Agra/ Unnao. They develop samples based on the design inputs from our experienced team of designers based in the UK, France, Holland and Spain.

Manufacturing Locations

3 factories located in Unnao & Agra.


1,000 experienced workers who are supervised and managed by highly skilled, qualified and professional managers.


18,00,000 pairs per annum Cemented Footwear.
1,50,000 pairs per annum Goodyear Fashion Footwear.
3,00,000 pairs per annum PU Direct - Moulded Footwear.

R & D - Our Specialty

Superhouse Group is committed to continuous Research and Development, technological innovation, up-gradation and improvements to achieve ever-higher standards of quality…

Quality Categories & Standards

Manufacturing Units are having ISO 9001-2000 and SA 8000 certifications.

Product Gallery

We currently produce a wide variety of dress and casual footwear for men made of sheep, goat, cow and buff calf leathers as per customer’s specifications. We use different types of soles such as TPR, PVC, NEOLITE RUBBER, LEATHER and PU which are produced in our own captive sole factory.

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