Finished Leather

Our tanneries, are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and produce high quality leather, catering to the requirements of the footwear, leather goods and furniture industries. Serving to the ever changing and highly fashion oriented needs of our clients, spread all over Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, the Far East, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, etc., we are well prepared to deliver a vast variety of colors and finishes to our valued clients in the shortest possible time.

Manufacturing Locations

4 factories located in Unnao.


2000 experienced workforces who are supervised and managed by highly skilled, qualified technicians and professional managers.


Buffalo Leather-1.5 million sq. ft. per month
Goat Leather-1.0 million sq. ft. per month
Harness and Belting Leather-200000 sq. ft. per month

R & D - Our Specialty

Superhouse Group is committed to continuous Research and Development, technological innovation, up-gradation and improvements to achieve ever-higher standards of quality…

Quality Categories & Standards

Manufacturing Units are having ISO 9000-2000, ISO 14001–2004, OHSAS 18001-2008 certification and products are compliant Din, Non-Din and EN345 specification.

Product Gallery

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