Research and Development Facilities of the Group

Superhouse Group is committed to continuous Research and Development, technological innovation, up-gradation and improvements to achieve ever higher standards of quality.

Innovations and upgrading technologies are a regular feature of our R & D programme. This has played a key role in competing with major players in the leather and textile industry, both in Indian and overseas markets. Our design and product development personnel frequently visit international events and fairs to have firsthand knowledge and feel of the latest in the overseas markets. Each business unit has its own dedicated lab/design center. Apart from this, we have exclusive design centers in China and England too.

Separate Research and Development Departments for every factory.

Renowned designers from various countries.

CAD-CAM facilities at shoe factories.

Separate Design Centers for Shoes, Bags, and Garments.

Specialized design center in China.

CAD-CAM facilities at fashion garment units.

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